Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crowd Sourcing Ideas for Getting Started in PBL

     I've been asked to present and coach teachers at the Elementary and Middle School level on how to get started with PBL.  That topic, (How to Get Started...), has been shared with me through many meaningful professional developments with the New Tech Network.  I have also read books by the Buck Institute, read great blogposts by teachers living it, and I have talked with teachers at conferences and via Twitter.

     Now I want to ask my PLN/PLC (excuse me while I make faces but the whole "Let me check my PLN" has really been overused in the last 4 years that I've been on Twitter).  So, in the comment section below, leave a comment and tell me what's different about teaching PBL at the Elementary or Middle School level.  

     Does PBL look differently at the Pre-K to 2 level than it does at the 3 - 5 level?  I think it should, but what specifically do you do?  And, is there a difference between the 6th grade and the 8th grade when it comes to PBL?  Again, having taught both 6th and 8th grade, there are big maturity differences between these two grades - so there should (I think) be differences in how you do PBL.

     When I have heard from enough people I'll write a blog post and get these ideas gathered in one spot.  Thank you, in advance, for your thoughts and comments.